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We offer high quality listed building insurance that acknowledges the importance of your home’s past, while protecting it in the present and securing its future too.

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From practical advice to support when making a claim, our experts help listed home owners through the whole process so they can spend more time doing what matters to them, like watching the grandchildren explore their home’s best hiding places.



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Finding specialist Listed Building Insurance

Although many general insurers will cover Listed/older properties, these tend to be limited to ‘standard’ construction properties that are less than 150 years old. If your property is older or is of ‘non-standard’ construction, you may fall outside of this criteria and require a more specialist service and higher level of cover for the specific requirements of owning a listed property, including;

Pre-existing alterations

If a previous owner altered your building without consent or knowledge of the local authority, you could be forced to return your property to its original state. A good policy will reimburse you for the cost of restoring your home to its pre-alteration state.

Extended alternative accommodation

The planning and rebuilding of a listed property is a more complicated and drawn out process compared with the rebuild of a standard house. This process is also inevitably going to be stressful so the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of your alternative accommodation. Before you arrange your insurance, check how much your insurer will pay and for how long.


‘Non-standard’ construction

The majority of Listed properties are deemed to be of ‘non-standard’ construction by insurers. As a listed home owner you may need to seek specialist insurance to access the appropriate cover that is aligned to historic buildings and their construction.

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Key listed building insurance benefits include; 

✓  Accidental damage for buildings and contents
  Worldwide contents cover
  Listed building indemnity insurance
  Alternative accommodation as reasonable & necessary for up to 24 months
  Home emergency and legal cover as standard

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